What Dressing Style is best for a Wedding Dress?

These days, beach weddings are becoming extremely common among couples who prefer an informal style of wedding rather than a conventional church wedding. There’s no denying the fact that exchanging vows at a beautiful sandy beach with the backdrop of clear blue skies and cool breeze blowing is definitely romantic. But planning for a beach wedding will require you to remember certain things. Finding wedding dresses in Melbourne for your beach wedding should undoubtedly be your top priority.  

wedding dresses in Melbourne

Here are a few considerations you should make while planning for a beach wedding:-

Style of wedding dress

 Needless to say, all beach weddings have a laid-back, informal ambience to them and formal gowns with a long skirt will definitely not go with the theme. You should choose a wedding dress with a length that will allow you to walk properly; you can either opt for a tea-length or cocktail length wedding dress. In short, the style of your dress should be casual and relaxed.

Fabric – Opt for lighter

It’s quite obvious that a beach wedding implies the sunshine and hot weather. You should refrain from wearing wedding gowns in Melbourne that’s made of heavy fabrics such as satin. This will only make you sweat. You should always choose breathable and light fabrics like linen, chiffon or charmeuse.

Wedding shoes – Refrain from high heels

It’s imperative that you stay clear of high heels at all costs. Beach weddings and high heels just don't go together. Needless to say, wearing high heels at the beach can make you trip which can be a huge embarrassment on your wedding day.    


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