Friday, 9 September 2016

What Are The Mistakes People Do With Wedding Dresses In Melbourne?

Getting your desired wedding dress for your special day is a big ordeal in itself. So it's normal that most brides will make some mistakes when it comes to getting their wedding dresses in Melbourne. Most of them are either unprepared or unwilling to be flexible on the vision that they have in their head.

Some of the Mistakes Which Most Brides Make While Shopping for Wedding Dresses Are:

Not deciding the budget: Unless you literally have an unlimited amount to spend on your wedding dress, it’s important to get an idea of how much you are willing to spend.

Not considering extra costs: When you prepare a budget for your wedding dress, you need to consider other factors other than the dress as well. You need to ascertain the shoes, undergarments, veil and jewellery as well. Even the cost of your makeup and hair should be included in the budget.

Bringing too many people: While buying or altering clothes, you should definitely bring someone with you. These should be the people whom your trust and who is capable of giving you an honest opinion of how they feel about your dress.

Shopping too late or too early: Shopping for your wedding dress too late can result in little time for alterations. Most wedding dressmakers in Melbourne won’t alter your clothes if you go to them just a few days before your big event. On the other hand, shopping too early has its own problems. You need to book the date and the venue before getting your dress as it will determine the kind of attire you will be wearing on your special day.

Not having done any research: It’s always good to have an open mind, but you should at least have some idea of what you like. The kind of venue you have booked will help a lot but still, you should look at some pictures to ascertain what appeal to you most.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Tips on Making the Right Choice of Wedding Dresses

Do you intend to get married anytime soon? If so, isn’t your head full of mixed emotions and thoughts where on one hand you are happy to move into a new phase of life with your spouse and one the other hand is busy making plans for your wedding day? It includes several aspects like the marriage dress, decorations, food arrangements, cake, music, invitations, guest list, etc. The most important out of all of these is the wedding dress. It is what you would be wearing and taking your vows and be beside your spouse. There are varied designs for a wedding dress such as a lace wedding dress available in stores if you intend to purchase them ready made and if not, you could approach a tailoring service who would stitch up a wedding gown just the way you want it to.

Most women prefer purchasing readymade ones as there are multiple choices to choose from. Dress designers come up with modern ideas and designs that are unique and are at par with modern trends. While you plan to do the same, here are a few tips you could follow before you make things fall in place.
  • Schedule the time early – While you decide on the dressmaker for your wedding dress, ensure that you fix an appointment with your dressmaker or dress consultant. The first hour is when most consultants have a fresh mind and can attend to all your queries and requirements. They do not often have brides coming over in the morning and thus, can help you get all the attention and grab the perfect dress.
  • Do not always go with the trend – With time, trends for wedding dresses change and thus you would find several designs on the racks. It depends on you and your comfort level to choose the style and design for your wedding dress. It isn’t always necessary for you to go with the trends and therefore should ensure that it looks good on your body type, and you are comfortable to carry it around.
  • Try as many dresses till you find the right one – While you visit a wedding dress store, you would notice several dresses that you like, you may adore each one of it, but all of it may not fit you or look good on you. Therefore, you can try them on and try as many you want to get the right one suiting your body and choice.
  • Choose the one that is easy to wear – Too many people around you to help you fit into your wedding dress may bring about jittery feelings and nervousness on your wedding day. Things may get messy with different people helping you out from various directions. Choose something that is easy to wear and may require a single person to help you. 

While you look for wedding dress designers in Melbourne, you would find a number of them who would help you find the right wedding dress that would make you look perfect on you.